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Your Trusted Advisor In Achieving Cyber Secure Preparedness

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance Consulting

Iron Defence Security Corp. provides expert Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance Consulting, ensuring robust security frameworks, risk management, and compliance with industry standards to protect against evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (Managed Cybersecurity)

Iron Defence Security's "Cybersecurity-as-a-Service" offers three tiers of comprehensive cyber security assessments tailored to client needs: Basic, Enhanced, and Premium. The Basic tier, suitable for small to medium businesses without complex compliance needs or internal IT staff, involves remote assessments to balance cost and regularity. The Enhanced tier caters to clients with sophisticated networks, requiring annual on-site visits for in-depth assessments including SQL Server and MS Exchange. The Premium tier is designed for larger companies with compliance obligations, offering quarterly on-site visits and the option of HIPAA or PCI compliance modules​​.

Cybersecurity Business Advising & Consulting

Iron Defence Security Corporation's Cybersecurity Business Advising & Consulting service focuses on protecting organizational assets from digital threats. Our expert consultants assess vulnerabilities, advise on best practices, and implement robust cybersecurity strategies to safeguard data and systems, ensuring business continuity and compliance with industry standards.

vCISO - Full Cyber Security Client Services

Iron Defence Security Corporation's "vCISO - Full Cyber Security Client Services" offers advanced cybersecurity strategies led by experienced Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (VCISOs). This service provides strategic security guidance, risk assessments, and robust protective measures, including threat detection and data encryption. Operating remotely, VCISOs offer a flexible, cost-effective approach to enhancing cybersecurity, adapting to evolving threats. This solution allows organizations to access top-level expertise without the need for a full-time in-house CISO, thus strengthening their overall security posture while focusing on core business goals.

Our Solutions Seamlessly 
Integrate With Your Organization's Cyber Ecosystem

Iron Defence Security Corporation's solutions integrate seamlessly with your organization's cyber ecosystem, enhancing cybersecurity. They offer tailored, efficient tools to fortify defenses, ensuring compatibility and streamlined protection against evolving digital threats.