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Foluwa T. Rewane started his 20+ years of Technology Management, while working at a technical centre as a 1st level junior support tech, when a Director that he was reporting into, pulled him aside and asked, “Are you doing this job solely for a ‘paycheck’ or do you want to learn a skill that would help you to build a career”. At that time, Foluwa was just a junior tech trying to pay his way through university, and all he knew was the difference between a switch, a router, and a firewall, so he said: “I want a career”, and he has never looked back ever since.

Since then Foluwa has worked for IBM Canada, NetSuite Canada, Epsilon Canada, Hostopia, CGI Consulting, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rogers Communications, Fidelity Investments Canada, Bell Canada, and RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) all in the capacity of a Security role while founding Iron Defence Security Corporation.

Foluwa T. Rewane

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