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Corporation Phishing Simulation

With our phishing simulation and end user security awareness training service, we can teach our customers’ employees how to spot, avoid, and report real-world attacks, while our team manages the campaign management and reporting.

Why Managed Phishing Simulation Training:

  • End user security training available to your customers without additional work for your technicians

  • Avoid gaps in training due to time constraints

  • Maximize the value of the service while saving time with managed campaign execution and report generation

  • Deliver regular reports that highlight the value and effectiveness of security awareness training

A dedicated team that provides campaign creation, oversight, and reporting, including:

  • Monthly campaigns created and managed by a member of the Iron Defence Security team

  • A variety of phishing simulation emails and interactive training material

Getting Started:  Once you receive your welcome email, simply -

  • Send our Managed PhishLine team a list of email addresses to receive the monthly security awareness campaigns

  • Configure any necessary whitelisting in your systems

  • Identify your internal point-of-contact for updates

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