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Dark Web Scan for Businesses

Iron Defence Security Dark Trace Scan is an online Dark Web scan that detects compromised credentials in the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web.  

Identity thieves use the Dark Web to buy and sell personal information. If you have ever been a victim of a data breach, the Dark Web is a place where your sensitive information might live. If your information is there, criminals can potentially use it to commit fraud.

Key Features:

  • Accept Dark Web requests from our customers. Our customers can enter a domain directly on the Iron Defence Security Dark Trace Scan Risk Report page and see an approximate count of compromised accounts we have found. This is a free service that is provided by Iron Defence Security Corporation.

  • Perform Dark Web Discovery Scans to get a sampling of up to a maximum of 15 potential compromised accounts for a domain. Our customers can even download a CSV file of those accounts and masked passwords (first and last character such as L********4).

  • Perform Dark Web Full Domain Scans and Monitoring to get a full report for the entire domain, of all known compromised accounts and ongoing monitoring for 1 year. For example, if the approximate count of compromised accounts is 1,000 then the full report would contain approximately 1,000 emails and masked passwords (first and last character such as L********4). A Full Domain Scan costs up to $100 and includes 12 months of monitoring. You can also rerun the scan at any time during those 12 months.


Below are examples of values that may appear in the "Profiles" column. This column shows what other information, in addition to the user credentials, has been leaked.

1.       Phone Number
2.       Full Name
3.       Social Media Profile

Sometimes you may see a password listed in this format "<*******>". This means we were unable to decrypt the password into a plain text masked format for you, such as "X*****V", for example.

Note that changing a password on a compromised account will help protect it but this does not mean the compromised listing on the dark web will be removed. Hackers will continue to sell any information they can profit from, even if it is not all entirely accurate or up to date. Use the ongoing monitoring to be aware of new detections (use the "First seen date" to identify when it was found) so you can react and protect accounts as quickly as possible.

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