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Cyber Security Services

While the benefits of Security assessments are plentiful, not all of our clients will require the same level of review and scrutiny. We here at Iron Defence Security are able to determine both the complexity of our clients’ networks, and also value to their business through our assessment service.


We present three tiers of service (Basic, Enhanced and Premium) that will allow our clients to match the level of effort with their needs and opportunities. For each of our blueprints, we provide our clients with the recommended frequency and purpose of each of the assessment types, the specific tool that we use to perform the assessments, and what our deliverables will be.

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Basic Security Assessment Blueprint 

Basic Blueprint is performed remotely to minimize the cost of performing the assessments.

The Basic Secuirty Assessment Blueprint service is designed for most of the SMB companies. These businesses typically do not have sophisticated compliance needs, don’t have internal IT staff, and may not be able to afford or require any type of enhanced services. This blueprint balances the level of effort required for us to perform the assessment on a regular basis. 

Enhanced Security Assessment Blueprint

An annual basis, an on-site visit with an Inspector appliance  and Layer 2/3 scan.

All other scans performed remotely

The Enhanced Security Assessment Blueprint is designed for our more sophisticated clients and network environments. These clients may have needs for higher levels of IT security or specialized services.


This level allows for the inclusion of added-value assessments, like SQL Server and MS Exchange, along with network diagraming and internal vulnerability detection. Unlike the Basic Level blueprint, this blueprint does require an annual on-site visit.

Premium Security Assessment Blueprint

A quarterly  an on-site visit with an Inspector appliance and Layer 2/3 scan as well as performing the on-site survey.

The Premium Security Assesment Blueprint is designed for larger companies and those with compliance needs. Compliance requires not only an Annual Risk Analysis, but also proof of on-going efforts.


The Premium level provides a framework for how to demonstrate and document on-going efforts. The Premium level assessment can be performed using either the HIPAA or PCI Compliance module (or both in situations where you have larger healthcare clients).

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