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We Are A New Standard I


"We Offer A 360-Degree  Cybersecurity View"

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation

Our Capabilities Are Vast 

And Very Specialized

"We Are Specialists, With Very Enhanced Skills, And Powerful Tools At Our Dispose"

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation

We Can Detect, Respond To,
& Mitigate All Types Of

Malicious Attacks

"Our Response To Every Incident is Swift, Precise, and Stealthy!"

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation

We Are As Diverse As The Countries We Work Out Of,
But We Stand United In
Our Belief and Faith In GOD!

"We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.”

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation

We Have Taken The Sacred Oath

We Are The Chosen

"Many were called, but we were Chosen!”

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation

"To Forever Fight EVIL!"

And Our Capabilities Takes Us As Consultants All Around The Globe

We're Proudly Canadian 

"We Are Here! We Are There! We Are Everywhere!"

-- Foluwa T. Rewane, CEO, Iron Defence Security Corporation


We Help Our Clients Keep Pace
With The Velocity Of Cybersecurity.

Iron Defence Security Corporation's services, are designed to address the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Recognizing that cyber threats are increasing in complexity and frequency, this service likely offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to help organizations stay ahead of potential security breaches. This could include real-time threat monitoring, advanced detection systems, proactive risk management, and incident response capabilities. Additionally, the service might offer training and support to ensure that an organization's staff is well-equipped to recognize and mitigate cyber threats. By partnering with Iron Defence Security Corporation, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, safeguarding their data and infrastructure against emerging cyber threats.


% Canadian Owned


Years of Experience


Singular Vision


Litres of Coffee (thus far)


Corporate Pivots

We Stand By Our Numbers

Guiding Our Clients Towards Cybersecurity Preparedness

From a cybersecurity perspective, our services are designed to enhance a company's ability to defend against, respond to, and recover from cyber threats and attacks. It probably involves a comprehensive assessment of the current cybersecurity strategies and infrastructures in place within a business, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. The service could also offer tailored solutions, including advanced security technologies, employee training programs, and incident response planning, to ensure that businesses are not only protected against current cyber threats but are also prepared for future challenges. Emphasizing proactive and adaptive strategies, this service is crucial for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats, thereby safeguarding their data, reputation, and continuity.

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